It’s been a while since she passed but I still can’t believe it. She’s a great person. I personally really like her music and I think she’s a really inspiring person. Why would anyone do this to her?????



Tree Girl

Lol sorry bout the stupid name. I just don’t know what to name it.

Btw, it’s another double exposure (I really like this effect lol).

Two Sides

Trying to do something different here. I’m blending two pictures together upside down (actually three, with the birds).

The file is so big because of the high resolution in each picture and lots of layers.

Mountain Girl

This one is a really simple double exposure design done with Photoshop. It’s a combination of a girl and mountains. I was really bored and don’t really have that much inspiration, but I decided to keep photoshop-ing.

Soldier of Paris

So, last year I heard about this attack at Paris, France and everyone was posting the prayforparis hashtag. I didn’t know about the news, so I googled it. After knowing enough, I feel realy bad for the people of Paris, so I decided to create this design.

It’s done with Photoshop and I use double exposure technique. Yea, I know it’s a US soldier. I didn’t know about it before, so I’m sorry…

Shay Cormac

Another dispersion done with Photoshop. This time, I use smoke brushes as the dispersion.

This technique is one of my favourite, it’s pretty simple and easy to do and it also looks cool

FYI, my fav color is black, that’s why I often use black and white as the base color. But, I’ll try to vary the colors in the next design

Edward Kenway

Not my first work, but yea.. my first work that I really like.

This work is done with Photoshop. The design is called dispersion. I used square brushes as the dispersion. The background is kinda messy with content-aware.

FYI, I’m a HUGE fan of Assassin’s Creed series.